This calculation is based upon formulas contained in a posting by Don Slusarczyk to the Indoor mailing list

Note: these calculations assume you are placing the piece to be cut centered between the micrometers.

Length of wood to cut 
(End to End in Decimal Inches)
Wider Width of desired piece 
(In Decimal Inches)
Narrower Width of desired piece 
(In Decimal Inches)
Center to Center Distance of Micrometer Shafts 
(In Decimal Inches)

Want a version of this program you can run without connection to the web? Then click here to download the program. 

*note: the downloaded version will only work on Windows machines with Win95 or newer. 

To run the program just double click on the file after you download it. There is no install routine and if you want a shortcut from your start menu or desktop you have to do that yourself. 

Here is the formulas that are used for these calculations: 

MicrometerSetting1 =WiderWidth+((((MicCenterDist-WoodLength)/2)*(WiderWidth-NarrowWidth))/WoodLength) 

MicrometerSetting2 =MicrometerSetting1-((MicCenterDist/WoodLength)*(WiderWidth-NarrowWidth))